16 Delicious Recipes Featuring Beans & Lentils

Find 16 amazing recipes made with black beans, chickpeas, lentils and more! All of these recipes are vegetarian but rich in protein thanks to the beans. cookieandkate.com

Honestly, I can’t look at the title of this post without hearing my little brothers sing that silly song about beans. We didn’t grow up eating beans. The funny thing is, though, that after I stopped eating meat after college, I naturally started craving them. I quickly discovered that beans are hearty, satisfying, rich in protein and fiber, and gloriously inexpensive. Now that I’ve gotten on the bean bandwagon, my family has, too. Victory!

The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses (pulses are dried legumes like beans, chickpeas and lentils), so you’ll be hearing a lot more about beans over the coming months. I’ve teamed up with the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council to bring you more recipes with pulses this year. Let’s kick it off with some of my favorite recipes!

Below, you’ll find a wide variety of hearty meals with Mexican, Mediterranean and Italian influences. These are all recipes that will help you meet those healthy New Years resolutions, and they just might change your family’s opinion on meatless meals, too.

For more information about the benefits of pulses and to join me in signing their Pulse Pledge (which is committing to eat one serving of pulses every week), visit PulsePledge.com.

Greek salad with baked falafel by Cookie and Kate

1) Crispy Baked Falafel

Gluten free and vegan

“Another fabulous recipe! Loved everything, great flavor .. baked the falafel on a pan but am totally going to steal a friend’s cast iron next time to try that out. I think the dressing would also be lovely with other salads, or maybe lentils + some raw veggies. Thanks!” – Brittney

Lemony lentil and chickpea salad with radish and herbs recipe - cookieandkate.com

2) Lemony Lentil and Chickpea Salad with Radish and Herbs

Gluten free and easily vegan

“I LOVE this salad. I’ve been making it with dill only and serving with arugula. I make a batch and take to work for lunch. Got some family hooked on it too. It’s so fresh!” – Sarah

Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad - cookieandkate.com

3) Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad

Gluten free and vegan

“I do not often leave comments after making recipes I find online (I know … shame on me!!); but your Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad was so successful that I had to thank you! The flavors were incredible – balanced, assertive, and addictive. It makes a lot so I shared (but only with people I really like). Every recipient called to demand the recipe. Great job and thank you for sharing! I will be returning often.” – Heather

Extra creamy, homemade green goddess hummus! Ready in 8 minutes. cookieandkate.com

4) Green Goddess Hummus

Gluten free and vegan

“My grocery store didn’t have tarragon so I used basil instead. Soooooo good! Thanks for the recipe.” – Nes

Delicious gluten-free pizza made with an easy chickpea flour crust - cookieandkate.com

5) Socca Pizza with Summer Squash and Feta

Gluten free, vegan option

“This was excellent and so easy! I’ve made it twice so far with different toppings. So good.” – Heather

Roasted cauliflower, seasoned lentils and creamy chipotle sauce combine to create an unexpectedly delicious taco! - cookieandkate.com

6) Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos with Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Gluten-free option, vegan option

“Kate, I have to admit that when I first saw this I was bit scared to make it. Of course, based on how delicious your other recipes are, I should have known better. Well, no need to fear….this is soooo delicious!!!! Another winner for sure, even my nonvegan family loved this.” – Tanya

This roasted carrot recipe looks gourmet, but it's surprisingly easy to make! cookieandkate.com

7) Roasted Carrots with Farro, Chickpeas & Herbed Crème Fraîche

Gluten-free option, vegan option

“I made this with Christmas dinner and wow this was certainly my signature dish! It was scrumptious and so pretty. I was so intrigued by it, I had to make it and so glad I did!” – Leslie

This healthy, Mediterranean-flavored lentil soup is made with (mostly) pantry ingredients! Vegan and gluten free. cookieandkate.com

8) Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup

Gluten free and vegan

“After eating your soup, I just told my husband that I will be making it all my life until I die or someone will need to cook it for me if I can’t. It’s simply the most amazing soup I was ever given the chance to enjoy. The flavour made me so happy. I strongly recommend this soup to anyone. Thank you so much Kate for sharing all of this goodness. Good vibs to you!” – Caroline

This spaghetti squash burrito bowl recipe is easy to make and so good for you, too! cookieandkate.com

9) Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

Gluten free and vegan

“Made this recipe for my brother’s birthday dinner and everyone loved it, including my 9 and 3 year old, who will eat any and every vegetable now, thanks to your blog. It’s amazing how kids can learn to appreciate all kinds of vegetables. Your recipes really help with that, I believe. Thanks, Kate!” – Lisa

Roasted Broccoli, Arugula and Lentil Salad Recipe

10) Roasted Broccoli, Arugula and Lentil Salad

Gluten free, vegan option

“Made this last night and it was amazing! I might omit the brussel sprouts and exclusively use broccoli (personal preference). Thanks for the great recipe!” – Stacey

Lentil and Mushroom Meatballs

11) Lentil and Mushroom Meatballs

Gluten-free option, vegan option

“Hi Kate! I have made these several times now and they are always great. One time i switched the mushrooms for beets and it was pretty tasty. This time I decided to try a different bean so I went with navy beans; and instead of mushrooms I used fennel. It is delicious! Thank you so much for putting this stuff into the world.” – Sofia

The best vegetarian chili - so easy to make with basic ingredients! cookieandkate.com

12) Homemade Vegetarian Chili

Gluten free and vegan

“This is honestly the best veggie chili I’ve ever had! I made it today, and have plenty left to freeze for future yumminess. I didn’t blend any of it, just left it in its whole gorgeousness. Served it with some rice. Christmas day – who needs turkey!” – Liz

A delicious, redeeming, vegan dinner that packs well for tomorrow's lunch. cookieandkate.com

13) Kale, Black Bean and Avocado Burrito Bowl

Gluten free and vegan

“I’m not vegan but this is delicious. I used leftover beans and it turned out great. My aunt (who is vegan) has asked me make it two nights in a row. Thanks for the recipe it was the only one I found that I had all the ingredients in hand.” – Emma

The best black bean soup recipe, made with canned beans but full of fresh flavors! - cookieandkate.com

14) Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup

Gluten free and vegan

“This was wonderful! It has great flavor and I followed everything exactly as written. Used lime juice instead of vinegar. Yummy!!!!” – Pixie

Cowboy caviar dip (a popular Southern bean salsa) is always a hit at summer potlucks! It's healthy, too. cookieandkate.com

15) Cowboy Caviar

Gluten free and vegan

“Hi, my name is Katie and I’m 10. I like the recipe a lot.” – Katie S. 🙂

Chipotle butternut squash chili recipe, perfect for game days and cold days! - cookieandkate.com

16) Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado

Gluten free (just be sure your tortillas are gluten free) and vegan

“WOW was this delicious! I just happened to come across it while looking for a butternut squash soup recipe. SO happy I made this instead. I fed it to meat eaters and vegetarians alike during a football party. I served it with a dollop of plain yogurt on top. Literally everyone asked me for the recipe Thanks for sharing – this is going in my favorite recipes file!” – Ellis

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This post was created in partnership with the USA Dried Peas and Lentils Council. Opinions are my own, always. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who support C+K!

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