All grains, with the exception of rice, and also the numerous grain meals, need prolonged preparation with mild and continuous heat, so as to therefore disintegrate their tissues and alter their starch into dextrine on render them simple of digestion. Even the supposed “steam-cooked” grains, publicized to be prepared to be used in 5 or 10 minutes, need a way longer preparation to properly match them for digestion. These supposed quickly ready grains area unit merely steamed before grinding, that has the impact to destroy any low organisms contained within the grain. they’re then crushed and chopped. hydrogen carbonate of soda and lime is other to assist dissolve the albuminoids, and generally diastase to assist the conversion of the starch into sugar; however there’s nothing during this propaedeutic method that therefore alters the chemical nature of the grain on build it doable to cook it prepared for straightforward digestion in 5 or 10 minutes. associate insufficiently burnt grain, though it should be comestible, isn’t in an exceedingly condition to be pronto acted upon by the organic process fluids, and is in consequence left undigested to act as a mechanical annoyance.

Water is that the liquid sometimes utilized for preparation grains, however several of them area unit richer and finer tasteful once milk is mixed with the water, one half to 2 of water. particularly is that this true of rice, hominy, and farina. once water is employed, water is desirable to exhausting. No salt is important, however if used in any respect, it’s typically other to the water before stirring within the grain or meal.

The quantity of liquid needed varies with the various grains, the style during which they’re processed, the tactic by that they’re burnt, and also the consistency desired for the burnt grain, additional liquid being needed for a dish than for a mush.

All grains ought to be fastidiously looked over before being place to cook.

In the preparation of grains, the subsequent points ought to be observed:

1. live each liquid and grain accurately with constant implement, or with 2 of equal size.

2. Have the water boiling once the grain is introduced, however don’t enable it to boil for an extended time previous, till it’s significantly gaseous, as which will modification the proportion of water and grain sufficiently to change the consistency of the mush once burnt. Introduce the grain slowly, therefore as to not stop the sinking to very cheap, and also the whole becomes thickened.

3. Stir the grain incessantly till it’s set, however not in any respect after. Grains area unit rather more palatable if, whereas properly softened, they will still be created to retain their original kind. Stirring renders the preparation pasty, and destroys its look.

In the preparation of all mushes with meal or flour, it’s a decent decide to build the fabric into a batter with a little of the liquid preserved from the number given, before introducing it into the boiling water. This prevents the tendency to cook in lumps, therefore frequent once dry meal is scattered into boiling liquid. Care should be taken, however, to feature the moistened portion terribly slowly, stirring smartly meanwhile, in order that the boiling won’t be checked. Use heat water for wetting. the opposite directions given for the entire or broken grains area unit applicable to the bottom merchandise.

Place the grain, once sufficiently burnt, within the icebox or in some place wherever it’ll cool quickly (as slow cooling would possibly cause fermentation), to stay long.

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