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Find Your Groove: Figuring Out Cooking as a Couple

A Couple Cooks

As you may know, we’re a married couple who cooks together, so we’re pretty passionate about the benefits it brings to a relationship. It’s mega quality time, builds communication and team work, gets food on the table in half the time, and it’s just plain fun. (In fact, we’ve already written a post about the benefits of cooking together: read it here.) But what if your significant other is just not interested, after years of honest trying? What if he or she is a walking recipe for kitchen catastrophe?

In this week’s podcast, somewhat in homage to the upcoming holiday that celebrates l-o-v-e, we’ve got a podcast about figuring out cooking with your S.O. Like it or not, you’ve got to come to some consensus on how to get food on the table, be it cooking together, alternating, designating one cook, or (gasp!) not cooking at all. Joining us are Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom of the food blog Pinch of Yum, who share their experiences finding their groove. Check it out below!

*Are you meant to cook with your significant other? Take our *QUIZ* below the podcast!

**Our recipe for a great cooking date? Our simple shrimp and artichoke paella.

Pinch of Yum


Cooking with your S.O.: Together, or Separate?

  1. You or your S.O. are exceptionally clumsy and have been known to burn yourselves, catch things on fire, boil over pots, and/or set off smoke alarms. (True=0, False= 1)
  2. When things don’t go right, you throw things. (True=0, False=1)
  3. Your S.O. is a leeetle bit anal about keeping things neat and tidy. (True=0, False=1)
  4. You’d rather achieve a goal than make sure everyone is having a good time. (True=0, False=1)
  5. Your S.O. concedes when you are right. (True=1, False=0)
  6. Your S.O. is never right. (True=0, False=1)
  7. You’re pretty patient, and when you start to lose it, you even slowly count to 10. (True=1, False=0)
  8. If something doesn’t work out, you’re not afraid to throw out dinner and make peanut butter sandwiches. (True=1, False=0)
  9. “I can’t cook” or “I am not a cooker” is your S.O.’s motto. (True=0, False=0)
  10. Spending quality time together as a couple is a priority. (True=1, False=0)
  11. You like to micromanage. (True=0, False=1)
  12. You or your S.O self-identify as a pyromaniac. (True=0, False=1)


  • 8 or higher: You’re natural kitchen buddies! You’ve got the tenacity and patience to make a great team. Start cooking together now.
  • 5-7: You’ve got potential. Start cooking together and see where it leads!
  • 4 and lower: Divide and conquer! One of you on cooking, the other on cleanup duty. Trust us, it’s safer in the long run.
  • 0: Consider a personal chef.

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