May 8, Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Vegetarian Soup Recipes

A Variety of Vegetarian Soup Recipes at your disposal.
Vegetarian Lacto’s, Ovo’s, Ovo-Lacto’s and Vegan’s will find these recipes and tips priceless.

Vegetarian soup recipes like this cream of broccoli soup can be found throughout this site.

Many people don’t realize that most recipes can be turned into vegetarian dish very easily and still taste just as good as it would with meat, if not better.

The good thing about most simple vegetarian recipes for soup is that they are very nutritious and much healthier than soups with meat or a meat base.

Converting Meat based Soups into Easy Vegetarian Recipes for Soup

With most soup there are easy changes you can make to
convert a soup with meat in it, to your own easy vegetarian soup recipes.

I. If it uses a beef broth you can turn vegetable broth into a vegetarian “beef” broth by adding 1 cup vegetarian Worcestershire sauce and about 1 tablespoon soy sauce to every quart of vegetable broth.

II. For chicken broth there are a few vegetable broth recipes that tastes like chicken broth, you can find them here.

III. If the recipe calls for meat, for example: chicken, you can leave out the meat and add nothing or you can leave out the meat and add something to it like garbanzo beans a.k.a. chick peas or some kind of bean to add the protein that you loose from not having the meat in it.

Thickeners for Easy Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Most soup recipes call for some type of dairy to thicken their soup.

Certain types of vegetarians like Ovo’s and Vegan’s do not eat dairy products like cheese, milk etc.

These types of vegetarians may need some help to thicken some of their vegetarian soup recipes.

1. You can add flour, which is the most common way to thicken a soup without using dairy.

To use flour you must add an equal amount of luke warm water and flour to a small bowl and mix it well before adding it to the soup, if you don’t you will get clumps of flour in your soup which really isn’t going to taste very good.

Normally you would want to add 1 tablespoon of each at a time till you get the right consistency.

Also you should add the flour early on in the cooking process so that it cooks out the flour taste.

2. Another way that is getting a bit more popular is adding instant potatoes to the soup.

I’ve found that this way works great because it doesn’t effect the taste like flour does.

Although it doesn’t create the type of texture that flour does it still turns out good and tastes great.

Usually you will only want to add about 1/2 a cup at a time until the desired consistency is reached.

3. You can also use cornstarch to thicken your vegetarian soup recipes.

Cornstarch is a little more complicated but can still add a nice creamy type texture.

Add 1 part cornstarch to 2 parts water in a small bowl and mix well, add the cornstarch “slurry” mixture to the soup slowly, a little bit at a time, make sure your stirring while adding the mixture. It doesn’t take much so don’t add a lot.

Make sure you add the mixture after the soup is done boiling, if you don’t and you boil it the mixture will break down.

4. The most popular way to thicken soups is to just Puree’ some of the vegetables with some of the broth and add it back to your soup.

Links to Vegetarian Soup Recipes by Vegetarian type.

I have already converted some soup recipes to vegetarian recipes for you and some were already vegetarian so go ahead and take a look, I think you will be happy with the results.

Vegetarian Soup Recipes for :

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Soups – Delicious Soup’s that do not contain ANY meat but may have eggs and or dairy products.

Ovo Vegetarian Soups – Recipes that do not have ANY meat or dairy but may have eggs in them.

Lacto Vegetarian Soups – Enticing recipes that do NOT have meat products or eggs but may have some dairy.

Vegetarian Leek and Sweet Potato Soup

Vegetarian Potato, Cauliflower and Cheddar soup

Vegan Soup – These savory soup recipes do not include any animal products including meat, eggs, dairy, or any other meat bi-product etc.

Cajun Vegetarian Soup Recipe

Vegetarian Lentil Soup

Vegetarian Bean and Cabbage Soup

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

Crockpot Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Roasted Red Pepper Soup Recipe

I am aware of the other things that cannot be used like honey, lard, gelatin, and sugar except natural sugar and they also will not be used in the vegetarian recipes provided.

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