We Have A Winner!!!

DSCF5831I must say, before anything else, that I am so enjoying the excitement of having a giveaway! It is true what they say that when you give something away you receive so much more in return…even if it is just in good feels. And more than just giving something away, I love giving away things that I myself truly like and enjoy, and, consequently, imagining you liking and enjoying them just as much in your own kitchen.

So…I would love to stay and chat but I have both a mountain of work to do and a horribly congested nose (ack! you didn’t need to know that!) so I will get right to it!

About a week ago I shared this recipe for Spicy Chorizo and Jalapeño Dip (along with my love for pica pica!). The chorizo I used in the dip is one of my favorite “chorizo hubad” in the city, Baba’s Kitchen. Its flavor is more like our local longanisa as opposed to Spanish chorizo so this can be used pretty much interchangeably as longanisa. It’s super flavorful and, paired with eggs and garlic fried rice, on a long lazy weekend breakfast, it is perfection. But it’s pretty good in my dip as well!

Well, the good folk over at Baba’s Kitchen are giving away a 1-kilo pack of their delicious chorizo hubad to one of my readers and the time has come to announce the winner! So without further ado, the winner of the chorizo is…Camille Quiambao!!!

Congratulations Camille!!! I hope you enjoy this chorizo hubad as much as I do!

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